About theformed Music Group: AshtonEsson

AshtonEsson is the European hip hop/rap band that fronted the band named Aftershocks. They have been active in the music scene since their formation and have made a name for themselves as one of the original hip hop/rap acts in Europe. They have always released music to their fans via the internet and are signed to a record label in America. They first gained attention when their demo “Haitian Diva” was played on the radio and was downloaded by fans all over the world.

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The band has continued to gain popularity worldwide with their music and following, and now they have decided to take their music to the big stage by signing to Virgin. This is the largest record label in the world and will be supporting them on their upcoming tours and video releases. Their fan base has continued to increase as the music has sold well and their concerts are sold out regularly. Their self titled album is set to be released in the summer of 2021 and has a number one single, which should be a major hit. The single is called “Wake Your Mind Up”. Other singles include “I’m a Ruin”, “A Boy Brushed Red Living in a World of Black and White”, “You Will Never Walk Alone”, “Tear in the Face” and “Reckless and Young”.

The band started out playing mainly hardcore metal and were known for their aggressive lyrics and guitar work. Their sound changed over the years and they began to focus more on drumming and writing than the guitar. Their music has yet to be covered by mainstream media. As the fan base continues to grow and become successful in the UK, they may decide to expand their musical career to other markets such as the U.S. and Australia. Right now, though, they are primarily a British band and will continue to perform based upon what works for them and their fans.

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